It Won’t Matter Who Wins The Nigerian Presidential Election

Syreeta Ekaba Akinyede
2 min readFeb 19, 2023


Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

It won’t matter because we are all just too damn selfish to move forward as a country.

If you still want to argue that we are not selfish, the recent currency crisis should be an eye-opener. Instead of coming together to help one another, everyone’s looking for how to exploit the situation to their maximum benefit.

It is so disheartening to witness how we revel in inflicting suffering against our fellow citizens.

By electing a new president, are you going to start paying your staff’s salaries on time? Are you going to pay contract staff on time or pay them their worth instead of asking them to slash their prices as if you are in the local market?

By electing a new president, are you going to stop collecting bribes to process official documents like driver’s licenses, passports, visas, land certificates and so on?

By electing a new president, will students no longer have to bribe their way to gain admission to university or secondary school, even after passing the required examinations with high scores?

By electing a new president, will you stop breaking traffic laws, or throwing trash out of your car on to the streets?

By electing a new president, will you stop trying to find a way to bypass the meter bringing electricity to your house?

By electing a new president will religious institutions start caring about disturbing their neighbours, by making their buildings sound proof? I can’t count how many people complain daily about not being able to have a good night’s sleep or having their sleep interrupted by “religious noise”.

It’s not about shouting “Lord have mercy!” I even believe God has shut out our “noise” from reaching Him, because our problems do not require divine intervention.

Compassion, integrity, kindness, love and humanity are far from us.

But maybe, just maybe for the sake of a few people, like the woman who sells akara and gives her neighbours who need cash, money from her sales, and asks them to transfer to her, all without collecting anything extra, I can still hold on to hope.

Even if there is no perfect world, or perfect country, we can at least try…otherwise, my dear Nigerians, we will continue to rot in this rut.