WTF — What The Fart!

Every action exists for a reason, and a fart is such an action.

It is a strong force of nature, possessing the ability to clear out a room without making a sound.

There is no room for negotiation when it comes to a fart, and not even etiquette can hold it down. When it demands its release, it must be met, otherwise the consequences can be quite, well, uncomfortable.

While people may turn up their noses and squeeze their faces at the mere thought of a fart, it is an action that transcends all classes of division known to man.

Don’t be fooled, EVERYONE farts, be it king or queen, rich or poor, child or adult, old or young.

But why do we regard the fart with so much disdain you might wonder.

Perhaps if you knew that it is only those who have good guts that can fart (pun intended), your perspective might change.

Day 5 of the Not Enough Writers 30-Day Writing Challenge



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